Monday, December 4, 2017

December 4

Mark 1:1-8

As I was reading Mark 1:1-8, which describes John the Baptist and how he looked, I was amazed at how people flocked to him to be baptized, and some thought him to be the one come to fulfill their desires for the person to save them. If a man clothed like this was to appear in public today and speak out like John did, he would find himself in a institution to be examined for mental stability.

But then, shouldn’t all of us be a little more like John the Baptist? To speak of our beliefs, to do good unto others?

We can start by visiting those unable to get out or who are sick. Or to shovel a neighbors sidewalk for them, just because it needed it, or to cut their lawn for them. How about buying a small bouquet for someone you know is down, or lonely?
A simple visit to have a cup of coffee or tea will make a person's day. Too many times we would like to respond to the needs of others, but then think someone else will do it.

How about getting together and have children’s sports scheduled in the afternoon so the family can attend church in the morning; as these are both great family needs?

I have seen people leave food or a small gift in the kitchen and tell the intended to take it home. This is easy to do and very much appreciated; and you won’t lose your head for doing some of these things.

John Conklin

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