Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Welcome to our Advent devotional blog

Hi everybody -

We offer this online blog as a gift from the people of our congregation. Together we watch and wait for Christ to be born among us. Each day, someone from our church family will offer a reflection on an Advent scripture text. We pray that this will be helpful for you.

You can click on the text listing and it should take you to a site where you can read the scripture text.

Here is how to keep up:

  • You can get a daily e-mail every time this blog is updated. Just type your e-mail address in the box on the top of the right column.  
  • Those of you who wish to "subscribe" to an RSS feed (if you know what this is), use the subscribe tab on the right column.
  • If you have a "blog catcher" app on your iPhone or Android phone (Rev. Bill uses a free one called feedly), you can add the site to it and it will be automatically updated.
  • And, as some have asked, we will print out a small number of booklets for those who wish to pick them up in the church's narthex.
We pray this is a holy season for you. Blessings on your spiritual journey!

With every good wish,
Rev. Bill Carter